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The Admissions Pro

A Title Earned

Kevin Jenkins is The Admissions Pro, a title earned from more than a dozen years of experience working in college admissions both from the inside perspective of the university and from the external angle of the student and family. Kevin shares the knowledge he gained while working his way up from an Admissions Counselor to Admissions Director.

Coaching Thousands

Over his career, Kevin has mentored and coached thousands of students, spoken to hundreds of student organizations, and connected with dozens of high school counselors. A recognized expert in college admissions and financial aid, Kevin has served as a panelist on this subject at PowHERful Foundation conferences in Jacksonville, Cleveland, and Atlanta. Co-founded by Soledad O’Brien, PowHERful empowers young women to pursue higher education. Fiscally smart and strategic, Kevin has helped students raise nearly $2 million in scholarship money.

Demystifying College Admissions

Kevin demystifies college admissions, laying out a clear, realistic roadmap with all the steps and timeline your child will take from initial contemplation to enrollment. Kevin’s past clients have gained admission into highly ranked institutions including the Ivy League. As a member of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling since 2006, Kevin has attended several national conferences and has networked with admissions representatives from colleges and universities all over the United States.

Enlightening Students & Families

What truly sets Kevin apart is his approach to college admissions as a unique time of enlightenment for the student. His friendly, open demeanor and genuine interest in each and every family he serves has allowed students to find their voice setting themselves apart from the crowded applicant pools.

Kevin's Services

Kevin’s services are comprehensive and customizable such that he is able to help students through every step in the college admissions process or only on special areas of need, such as essays, interview preparation, financial aid applications. A partner in every sense, Kevin’s services can extend through enrollment, ensuring a smooth transition into college life. Kevin founded The Admissions Pro with the ultimate goal of being as invested as you are in your student’s future.

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