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Sponsor Disclaimer & Breakdown of Services


The Admissions Pro is a limited liability company; therefore, payment for sponsorship IS NOT tax-deductible.


Although the goal is to help a student achieve a college degree with little to no debt, no such guarantee can be made, nor will a refund be issued if outcomes fall short of a sponsor's expectations.

As the sponsor, you are purchasing services for a family who would otherwise not be able to afford it. Your sponsorship will pay for professional, comprehensive, one-on-one coaching for a low-income, first-generation student and their family, including the following:

1. Identifying colleges and universities that are compatible with the student's personal, academic, and social profile, with a graduation rate exceeding the national average, and the funds to provide ample financial support to low-income students.

2. Determining target, safety, and reach colleges based on the student's academic profile and the selectivity of the college or university.

3. Devising an admissions strategy to determine which deadlines to pursue, regular decision, early action, or early decision.

4. Assisting with brainstorming, outlining, and writing college admissions, scholarship essays, and writing supplements.

5. Identifying local colleges to visit and "fly-out" programs to colleges and universities that are further away.

6. Reaching out to admissions representatives to discuss any extraordinary circumstances that may impact a student's admissions process. (The decision to reach out to admissions representatives and the level of outreach is determined on a case by case basis depending on extremity level of the issue and the extent as to which it may influence an admissions decision. Any outreach made on behalf of a student will be performed only with the consent of the student and their parent or legal guardian.)

7. Interview preparation.

8. Completion and submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

9. Completion and submission of the CSS Financial Aid Profile if applicable.

10. Completion and submission of all state financial aid applications and documents if applicable.

11. Assisting with researching and applying to private and institutional scholarships.

12. Performing a thorough review and consultation of financial aid packages received from all colleges offering admission and assisting with financial aid appeals for additional funds as needed.

13. Assisting with the timely completion and submission of enrollment paperwork, assignments, registrations, and procedures.

14. Ensuring the enrollment deposit is paid or waived by the admissions office.

15. Providing consultations on the various resources and support services available on a college campus.


This agreement shall be governed by and subject to the laws and exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the Court of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Any lawsuit arising from this agreement shall be filed in the Circuit Court of Stafford County, Virginia. Or, if jurisdiction is appropriate, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division, at the option of the Company. The Client waives all objections regarding the venue.

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