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The Mehr Family

"My daughter needed help getting started with the college application process. We got Kevin’s name from a friend that he had helped the year before. We met with Kevin and what I really liked about him was that he spent the majority of the time just talking with my daughter. Getting to know her personality and asking her a ton of questions that had her really thinking about herself. Through this process he was able to get her to really see herself and to get started on writing an essay that was sincere, heartfelt and that she felt good about. She bounced essay’s back and forth with Kevin until she felt she had the perfect essay. Kevin also helped her fill out the applications and apply for scholarships as well. My daughter got into the colleges she applied to and there is no question that Kevin helped tremendously. Kevin was able to take all the stress out of this process with the way he dealt with my daughter. So instead of us spending her senior year stressing about college applications we actually looked forward to it. I think my daughter learned a tremendous amount about herself through all of this. I liked that Kevin was always very professional, he was able to form a trust with my daughter that enabled her to talk a lot about herself, the things she would like to do and the things she definitely would not want to do. It was actually amazing to hear my 17 year old talk so much about the things she wanted out of life and the things she knew she didn’t. I can’t thank Kevin enough for the stress he took off of my husband and me. We’ve been through this before with her older siblings and it can be such a trying experience. We would like to thank Kevin for being so helpful, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. And for being just as excited and happy for our daughter as we were when she got into the colleges she applied to."

Donna M. Reese

"During my daughter’s sophomore year, her life changed completely when she met Mr. Kevin Jenkins at an AP Scholars meeting at Woodbridge Senior High School. Kevin became an advocate for my daughter for the next three years. He helped by reviewing her college applications, college essays, prepared her for interviews and helped us with the FAFSA."

Lisa & Christina Flear

"Kevin instantly made us both feel more relaxed and confident about the entire process. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of college. He is definitely an expert when it comes to the entire college application process and experience. He is also very professional and a perfect role model for teenagers. He has strong communication skills and is very friendly and easy to talk to."

Jack Waldman

"I’m writing to tell you about the outstanding experience we’ve had with Mr. Kevin Jenkins. My oldest son was a junior at Osbourn Park High School when we first met with Mr. Jenkins. The whole college selection and application experience was new to us. Mr. Jenkins provided guidance and support that was outstanding. He was patient, and listened to what my son, Aaron, was looking for in a college. He offered a list of colleges that would best ft Aaron’s aptitude, personality and our budget. He also provided sound advice on writing college application essay’s and answered our questions on the financial aid process. When Mr. Jenkins didn’t know the answer, he sought it out. There are people that I will remember as mentors and advisors that have helped me in my education and my career. I am sure Aaron will remember Mr. Jenkins that way. I have recommended Mr. Jenkins’ services to several of my friends children and to other family members. My son has been selected for early admission to Virginia Tech’s Engineering Program and I really appreciate Mr. Jenkins’ help in making that happen."

Naomi Munoz

"I must admit I was one of those parents that thought I knew everything about the college financial aid process because of my own research and I must also admit that going home after a long day, it was tough putting my shoes back on and going back to the school. But I am so glad I went! Kevin gave me very useful information that I know I would not have known otherwise."

Jennifer Kloppman

"As a parent who was tackling the college process for the first time with our daughter, it was very daunting. Things had certainly changed since the time I had attended college and only sent out 3 applications to state schools. We found Kevin via a presentation at the local high school when he was brought in to address the parents of juniors at Osbourn Park High School on the college process. I was so impressed with his presentation that I met with him afterwards to inquire about how we could become clients, and to meet with my daughter, Megan, to get the process started in finding her the right school. Having grown up in Ohio myself, and a graduate of a university in Ohio, I was not as familiar with the Virginia colleges. Kevin was an absolute key component in helping us negotiate the complex process of identifying schools for our daughter to look at, and then encouraging us to personally visit, along with what to expect during those visits and follow up. We met with Kevin several times preliminarily where he asked questions to get a feel for the kind of school - enrollment size, rural / urban, class size she thought she would thrive in, private/public, field of study etc. that would best fit her personality and needs. This was absolutely critical for us as a starting point to know exactly where we should start to look. The next step was the college essays. I can’t say enough about Kevin. He would ask her to elaborate on certain points, would critique her thoughts, and help rephrase to put her thoughts in the best way without him actually writing them. I learned over the meetings that Kevin had extensive experience with admissions departments and we fully trusted his advice and it proved to be correct. He recommended she do about 6 applications which went to reach schools, target schools and safety colleges. In the end, our daughter couldn’t be happier at Christopher Newport University and the transition was eased because we knew it was the right fit for Megan because of the research we did and that she ended up at her number one choice school. I have the utmost respect for Kevin and felt he did an absolutely fantastic job for Megan. Our other daughter, currently also in high school, will also be coming to see him as well to help us negotiate her educational and career path too. I highly recommend Kevin and his company and wish him continued success!"

Marlena Gallimore

"We are so appreciative of Mr. Jenkins guiding us through the daunting maze of the college admissions process. He was genuinely patience with our questions and indecisiveness. He answered all of our questions and went beyond. He gave an in-depth overview of prospective colleges and even suggested others that were not on our radar but were somewhat more compatible than the ones we were looking at. As for the financial aid, he is very knowledgeable and is willing to share that knowledge which became invaluable during the process. With the help of Mr. Jenkins my daughter was able to find the college that was the best fit for her."

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Successful Students

Erick Via Gutierrez

"I was blessed to bump into Mr. Jenkins. We met pretty often as he guided me through the whole process from filling out financial aid forms and submitting applications, to helping me proofread essays. I am now a student at the University of Richmond class of 2020 and I don’t know if that would have been possible without Mr. Jenkins. He really helped me in a time where I needed guidance and for that I will be forever grateful."

Megan Kloppman

"Kevin Jenkins is a great asset to have as you start the rigorous task of college applications. He will work with you on a very personal level to ensure you find the school most suited for you. Kevin was a great help to me as he helped to strengthen my essays and provided insight to the college admissions process. I wouldn’t be at CNU without him and am so thankful he helped me find a school I absolutely love. He is also a great guide to helping you find your dream school!"

Shekinah Reese

"It was in my sophomore year that I met Mr. Kevin Jenkins at my high school AP Scholars meeting. Mr. Jenkins was there to talk and help students and parents to plan for college. Over the next three years, Mr. Jenkins was a huge help during my college admissions process. He helped me find and apply for 20+ scholarships, critiqued over 30 essays, worked with me on my resume and prepared me for two college interviews that led to me being awarded $168,000 in scholarships at Ithaca College. Mr. Jenkins has a natural gift for helping students prepare for college, and he was always willing to help me out whenever I needed it. Mr. Jenkins’ honesty, experience and dedication has been tremendously helpful throughout my college admissions process. Without him, I don’t know how I would have gotten through it. This fall, I will be joining Elon University’s incoming Class of 2021 majoring in Cinema and Television Arts with a minor in dance."

Ava Niknejad

"I came across Mr. Jenkins through my cousin who recommended me to him. Mr. Jenkins also helped my cousin and friends tremendously. I started going to him for advice about applying to colleges. I had no idea where I wanted to go to college, let alone what I wanted to do in college. Right off the bat, he asked questions about what I was interested in and what I wanted in a college. He was interested in hearing about my goals and my interests as a person. Before going to him, I had gone to many different college mentors, but none of them had the lasting effect that Mr. Jenkins had on me. He helped me through every step of the college process: college essays, resumes, financial aid and scholarships. Not only did he provide me with the best college admissions advice, he helped me improve my confidence. I would always doubt my decisions, but he allowed me to talk about my doubts and shined light onto my strengths as a student and how that would reflect in college. Every time I met with him, I walked out feeling much less overwhelmed and more inspired. He listened to all my concerns attentively every time I walked into his office. I now go to a college that I absolutely love and thrive in. I also continue doing the things I love, mainly because I have such a strong support system back at home from Mr. Jenkins. He’s given me the confidence I need to continue pursuing Chemistry, ROTC, and running. I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today without his help. I believe that Mr. Jenkins will continue to be an amazing, caring, attentive, and understanding mentor."

Aaron Waldman

"My parents suggested I contact Mr. Jenkins after hearing him speak at a local high school. I am glad I did. I have had the pleasure of working with him throughout my senior year (2016) and thanks to his help of I was able to attend the college of my choice and I got into the program of my choice as well. Mr. Jenkins always followed up with me throughout the application process and was adamant on making sure I had everything necessary for my application. In the beginning, he helped me find my strengths and exploited them to determine which schools best suited me. Once Mr. Jenkins helped me develop a list of potential colleges he provided guidance to my father and I on how to go about looking at those colleges, what to ask while we were there, and find who to talk to. The application phase was made easy due to Mr. Jenkins impressive understanding on what the application committee was looking for in a candidate. The first drafts of my essay were very generic but after reviewing a couple of drafts with Mr. Jenkins I realized how to relate my story and situation to the unique attributes for each school, which made me stand out as an applicant. Mr. Jenkins gave me the confidence I needed and guided me every step of the way. I would not have been able to do it without his help and guidance. Mr. Jenkins continuously presented himself in a professional manner at all our meetings and his hard work ethic was something I really appreciated. He has also helped me be more efficient with my time to complete all tasks at hand and reminding me of the application and financial aid schedule. With his knowledge in the feld, professionalism, numerous connections, and hard work ethic, I believe Mr. Jenkins is as an excellent educational consultant."

Fatima Dyfan

"Mr. Kevin Jenkins was a vital asset to me during my college application process. Through creating a true bond between myself, as a student, and him, as an out of school mentor, he created a comfortable setting for me to analyze my desires, purpose, and overall life. Through listening to my life experiences he helped me craft a beautiful essay for my applications that landed me a spot on the Class of 2021 roster to Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, and Georgetown."

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Proud Parents

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